Bitch-A-Vit Part B

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Part A is used before and up to the last day of mating ONLY

Bitch A Vit is a formulaåÊdesigned to support a bitch from mating, rightåÊthrough toåÊWhelping and is a 2åÊ-part product.

Part A is for use both before and during the mating season to support the bitch‰ÛªsåÊreproductive system, thus increasing the litter size and quality.

Can be used before the bitch is in season up to the last day on mating only.

Part BåÊcontains all natural ingredients to help support the growth and wellbeingåÊof unborn puppies whilst helping to minimise any abnormalities in theiråÊdevelopment. This product will also increase milk production naturally.

Can be used from the last day of mating up until you wean the puppies off the bitch.


Ingredients Part A- Beetroot, Brewers Yeast, Withania, Spinach, Shatavari, Tribulus

Part B - Beetroot, Bladderwrack, Brewers Yeast, Spirulina, Sunflower Meal, Spinach, Ascorbic Acid.